Points for Top HOG and Miss Piggy are earned from attending meetings, going on rides, etc. and are awarded to the current Central SC HOG Member that is outstanding throughout the year.

It’s time to start racking up points and it’s easy to do! Just show up for meetings, rides and participate in Chapter events.


Points system is pretty simple; you show up at meetings, go on rides and volunteer for service events.

Revised and Effective January 1, 2023


ATTENDANCE Earned from attending monthly meetings 2 14
SERVICE Actively participating in Chapter Promotions 3 6
RIDES Plan or Lead Chapter Rides 4 8
RIDES Participate or Sweep in Chapter Rides 2 18


NEWSLETTER Articles submitted – must meet guidelines below 2 6
PHOTOS Photos submitted – must meet guidelines below 1 6
APPAREL Wearing Central SC apparel on ride or event 1 6
  1. You must be a current (local dues paid) Central SC HOG chapter member to earn any points.
  1. All Group categories relate to Central SC HOG chapter events only.
  1. Required Point Groups: You must obtain the minimum required points in each group from the table above. There is no maximum in these groups.
  1. Non-required Point Groups: This group allows you to earn additional points but you are limited to a maximum for each group from the table above.
  1. Attendance: You must attend monthly meetings. It is your responsibility to make sure your attendance is properly recorded on Attendance Roster.
  1. Service: Any event or promotion the chapter sponsors, such as raffles, charity events or setting up at Harley Haven to promote Chapter.
  1. Rides: Plan a ride involves picking a date and destination, mapping the route, setting a departure time and place and presenting the plan to the Activities Director or any other current Board Member. In some cases the “planner” may not feel comfortable leading and may designate or request a volunteer to “Lead”. Lead involves getting releases and participation roster signed before ride leaves meeting point, brief explanation of intended route and actually leading the group to final destination. You must also see that the proper paperwork is given to a board member or Harley Haven.


Plan, Lead & Participate — earns 10 points                                       Plan & Participate w/o Leading — earns 6 points

Lead & Participate w/o Planning — earns 6 points                            Participates earns — 2 points

Sweep & Participate — earns 4 points

  1. Newsletter: Writing and having published an article pertaining to your participation in any chapter event or personal experience deemed appropriate for publishing.
  1. Photos: Furnishing photos taken at any SC Central HOG chapter event that may be shared with members by printing in newsletter. Several photos from a single event will only earn 1 point.
  1. No member may hold the reward for more than two years in a row.
  1. Points will accumulate from January 1 thru December 1 and be awarded at annual party.

Top Hog receives $100 gift card in addition to discount card that can be used at Harley Haven, twice a month for 12 months. Miss Piggy receives discount card as well as possession of Miss Piggy for a year. Runner ups to Top HOG receive the discount card as well.

Remember to always sign the ride and volunteer sheet, check the apparel box if you are wearing Central SC HOG shirts or patches and make sure your attendance at meetings is recorded. So get out there – ride, volunteer, plan, sweep and have fun. Good luck!